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Waiting for the summer slowdown that never comes


With Memorial Day behind us, it’s that time of year when it’s tempting to think this will be the summer to slow down and take a breath. Then there’s an unexpected crisis or a need to do some serious planning for the fall, and things start ramping up.


This summer, the three of us will welcome kids home from college, prepare to send them off to school for the first time, and travel with their baseball teams.


We had expected to dive in at work supporting a great Texas university to host a fall presidential debate… only to learn that the campaigns had their own ideas about the debate, putting that project on pause. But the summer’s still shaping up to be busy for us in higher ed and other areas. We continue to support a variety of clients in the clean energy space. So we’re closely watching the heat’s impact on the electric grid and the critical role that wind, solar, storage, and other advanced technologies will play keeping Texas cool. We’re also helping organizations assemble compelling video and content to fuel an active online summer.


As your organization deals with its own warm weather twists and turns, it’s a good time to think about what your messaging looks like — today, tomorrow, and toward the end of the year.


It’s also a good time to ask the most basic question —“What’s the point”— about your communications, and to assess whether your messaging supports your broader goals, creates value throughout your organization, and extends your narrative.


And it’s a good time to reflect on the needs and expectations of your key audiences so you can anticipate how people will respond to good and bad news and lean into your core values with all of your stakeholders.


As you balance downtime and demands, let us know what you’re up to. If we can help you achieve your goals and advance your mission, let’s talk.


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