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The Texas Capitol

The higher education landscape has changed. Colleges, universities, and other educational programs must prepare students for the skills and knowledge needed in the new global economy. At the same time, these institutions face continued pressure from students, faculty, alumni, and supporters across the political spectrum to address culturally-charged issues.

New West Communications helps higher education institutions navigate this increasingly complex landscape. We work with presidents, chancellors, and deans to proactively develop communication strategies and messaging frameworks, understand the needs of diverse stakeholders, and anticipate and respond to crises.

We have worked with major national universities, regional colleges, professional programs, and academic institutes to organize their communications teams, tell their stories, and gain buy-in from stakeholders. We understand that every institution is unique and tailor our services to meet their needs.


New West Communications  

P.O. Box 13557, Austin, TX, 78711

Tel: 512-694-7909

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