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Value-Based Healthcare

For centuries, healthcare stories have centered on heroic providers saving lives and restoring health. In the meantime, the industry transformed around people-centered strategies designed to improve outcomes, reduce cost, and empower patients to stay healthy longer and get healthy faster.


Health care is changing. Its storytelling needs to change, too.


New West Communications specializes in strategic stories that focus on the consumers and patients our clients serve and the innovative and exciting ways that service takes shape. We use a full spectrum of tactics and technology to target the constituents, influencers, and leaders who help drive public-sector and private-sector decision-making. 


Most importantly, we empower audiences by showing them — in visceral, non-technical ways — how healthcare innovations improve their health while reducing costs. 


Our principals have wide and deep experience in healthcare politics and policymaking, as well as academic medicine. We believe effective storytelling, strategy and tactical execution can be every bit as impactful as new devices, drugs, and systems.

Current and Former Advanced Healthcare Clients


Steve Scheibal

New West Communications  

P.O. Box 13557, Austin, TX 78711  |  Tel: 512-762-8808

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