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No issue is more important than water, and none is more likely to be taken for granted.


In Texas and beyond, water quality and availability determine whether people can live and economies can grow. In places where water is scarce and places where it will be, good policy and data-driven policies simply aren’t enough: communities, consumers, officeholders, and influencers also must understand — proactively and personally — decisions and the factors driving them. 


As journalists, legislative staffers, and consultants, New West’s principals have been telling stories about water for more than 25 years. We are well-trained and well-versed in the complex details of this complicated issue, and in telling these stories in clear, comprehensive ways. We work with clients to develop and execute comprehensive strategies that are fully integrated with their organizational operations and goals, and we use the spectrum of communications tactics and technology to execute those strategies.

Current and Former Advanced Water Clients


Steve Scheibal

New West Communications  

P.O. Box 13557, Austin, TX 78711

Tel: 512-762-8808

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