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Advanced Energy

Every day, innovative energy breakthroughs change lives, propel economies and help transform and heal the planet. These discoveries and investments inspire hope and fire the imagination. They also trigger public concerns about the sacrifices the energy transition may require — issues that opponents are happy to enflame.


This is advanced energy’s moment, and New West Communications is helping to tell its story in clear, compelling ways. At scale and project-by-project, we create strategies and deploy tactics to help our clients show the benefits of this transition. We use the full spectrum of communications media and technology, targeting the constituents and consumers who can advance our clients’ goals.


Since its earliest days, our firm has been at the vanguard of clean energy communications in Texas. We help companies, associations, foundations, and nonprofits design communications plans and execute strategic campaigns that are highly targeted and fully integrated with their broader organizational and advocacy goals.

Current and Former Advanced Energy Clients


Steve Scheibal

New West Communications  

P.O. Box 13557, Austin, TX 78711

Tel: 512-762-8808

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